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Our Story.
Lady Jaina Was tired, ever since the dreadful cataclysm and Deathwings emergence, more refugees were coming to Theramore and despite the thriving port, things would have to improve soon or starvation could become a real problem. Ever since she had brought the first refugees to the Isle kelp farming and fishing had become a way of life for her people, but now it just wasn't enough. Her nights were restless enough with unbidden dreams filled with doubt over her failure to save Arthus. A knock on her door brought her back to the present. She shivered deciding she must put those thoughts from her and concentrate on the problem at hand.
Come in”
It was her old friend Solandre. She has first met the Night Elf during the war with the Burning Legion and they had remained friends ever since.
Solandre smiled, “I’ve brought someone to see you.” Out from behind the elf's long legs the small figure of a Gnome walked into the room. Dressed for battle, though he may have been small in stature, the gnome gave off an aura of power. He opened his arms.
Well then doesn’t this old Gnome deserve a hug.”
Lady Jaina bent down and swept the Gnome into her arms, “When did you arrive Gnorman” she laughed.
Solandre here told me you were having a few problems with supplies, refugees, that sort of thing, she thought this old Gnome might be able to give you a hand since you helped me so much when we were learning the Art. Now let me go before you smother me lass,” came the muffled reply. “Me and the lanky one have a few idea's that might help.”
Straightening herself Jaina couldn't believe how lucky she was to have friends who not only noticed her problems but were willing to aid her.
The first thing we should do my girl is form a guild to oversee the running of the day to day business of the city, we should have a tabard that will make folks feel they belong. We could make it the colours of your guards, but have your tower on the front, as we will be your new city folk. We could encourage a market, have a few traders, that should keep the food supplies coming in as well as a few luxuries. Might even be an idea to start a sort of 'home watch' just to keep things nice and friendly around here.”
Jaina sat down on her chair with a look of disbelief on her face. Her friends had already worked out just what was needed.
You didn't really think we wouldn't notice you needed some help did you.” Solandre smiled at her. “You worry about the bigger issues my friend, let us take care of the city.”
Motioning for them to sit Jaina said“But you two love adventure, wont you get bored with all the day to day stuff this city needs.”
You never know, if we get organized enough, what aid we might be able to give the Alliance. I'm sure some of our new citizens will be only to glad to do a bit of adventuring once they are nicely settled.” Solandre winked at Jaina as she spoke.
Just then Gnorman's Stomach rumbled. “Why don't you order up some supper lass, we have a long evening in front of us thrashing out what you would like us to do.”.....................................
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Guild run to Kara Monday guys

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